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Love Photography

Being a New Jersey Wedding photographer has been the most beautiful part of my career and enhanced my personal life more then I am able to put into words. I have worked from the beautiful landscapes of NJ to the Mountains of Washington onto the tropics of the islands and back to the city skylines of Philadelphia and New York.  I have broken things down to two separate areas: Love and Life photography. I want to tell the story of your love from the engagement to boudoir to wedding.  I then want to continue to document the story of your life with maternity, newborn and family photography.

Love photography is considered to be engagement, boudoir and weddings.  I don’t believe in stuffy and overly posed portraits, I want to capture you and your story exactly how they are. This slide show shows just a small percentage of my work. I encourage you to take look through my blog and social media accounts, ask around, speak with past clients and make a decision based on more than a pretty picture. If you are interested in something truly unique during the summer months I encourage you to read this blog about LBI sunrise photos!  I want to connect with my clients and develop a trusting and lasting relationship.  Having your portraits done is a personal and important experience.  I want to guide you through this experience and give you confidence and a beautiful final product you are proud to show off.

Engagement sessions and New Jersey wedding photography generally goes hand in hand. Choosing a photographer for your big day goes beyond your dream of a perfect final product.  Your photographer is by your side all day, it is important we have a great relationship. I speak to my clients like I speak to my friends, I want you to be comfortable and feel relaxed at all times.  There is a time and a place for professionalism.  When we are getting to know each other, working your engagement session and chatting back and forth about details is the time to be EXACTLY who we are.  I want you to know me for who I am and feel comfortable, just like I want to know you and learn to anticipate what you are looking for and how to deliver you an amazing product you will love. At your wedding consult won’t find me forcing you into albums or conducting a stuffy meeting. We will sit and chat, I will learn more about your wedding day and together we will design the perfect plan for you.