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I know you have all been waiting for this. You have each put in so much hard work. You have all said so many kind things, each and every second you have put into this contest is appreciated. You are all so amazing, and it has been an honor to be able to get to know all of you! This decision was finalized on Sunday, and I have been eagerly waiting to tell you all!

I am only one person, and can only do so much. I was so moved by how much love went into this contest, I started reaching out. With help from Stacey Lynn at Color Me Beautiful and Tracey Whritenour-Cooper we were able to make something amazing happen.


Yup, you read that right.


I am over the moon with excitement! Each couple deserves something for their work, and all of us teaming up can make that happen! Based on availability and location, we were able to find the following coverage for EVERYONE!

LFP will give 4 hours of wedding coverage to BOTH Jen and Joey & Michaelina and Grant!

Color Me Beautiful will give free wedding coverage for BOTH Deanna and Andrew AND Laura and Alan!

Tracey will give free coverage to Sasha and Justin!

This has been a truly amazing contest, there is so much love and support, each of you will now have something to show for all of your hard work! I am so happy for all of you. You will each get to have beautiful photos from your wedding day! You have all payed it forward , and we want to pay back to all of you!

The small print:
Winners: you will each be contacted by the photographers providing coverage for you to talk more about what you have won. Both Color me Beautiful and Tracey Whritenour-Cooper are not associated with LFP but are kind enough to offer coverage for the above couples wedding. Hours, print prices, and all business details are at photographer’s discretion. At close of contest, LFP is no longer associated in any manner with the above mentioned companies. Winners were matched with photographers based on wedding date, location, and photographer’s availability.

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South Jersey Wedding Photographer

I officially joined the TOMS revolution. I had been toying with the idea of getting a pair for a while. Sometimes I love the look of them, sometimes – not so much. It depends on my mood. I bit the bullet and bought a pair. For each pair of TOMS you buy, they send a pair to less fortunate. Here are the ones I bought:

Ocean County Wedding Photographer

I got them in, and was excited to see what all the hype was about. They didn’t fit. I am now awaiting the next size up… What does all this mean to you? Not much! I did decide to have today’s what to wear for photos be all about red.


Manahawkin Wedding Photographer
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What to wear for family portraits – LBI Family Photography

Good morning all!

I will not be doing “What to Wear Wednesday” every week – but I like to do it now and again! “What should I wear” is one of the most popular questions I get from clients! The past few weeks I have googled to get idea boards. Not today my friends, not today. I actually created my own this time! I wanted all the items to be affordable and have a little spring-time feel to them. All the items are from Old Navy! I plan on buying myself that blue dress, $34 bucks, ummm yes please! I picked coordinating (but not matchy!) clothes for Mom, Dad, and a little girl!

LBI Family Photographer

I am fortunate to do most of my work in Ocean County New Jersey. I have lived here since I was 6. There are so many amazing places to shoot! In each town from Tuckerton to Manahawkin to Long Beach Island, into the historic part of Barnegat up through Toms River and Sea Side there are SO MANY amazing locations to shoot! I have spent hours upon hours looking for spots, and I have found a million! I do travel for sessions and weddings, but today I am focusing on where I live!

This year LFP has all kinds of amazing shoots planned. I am so excited to offer you so many new locations and ideas. In the next three months I will be everywhere from my beloved LBI to Batsto Village, Farmingdale, Galloway, Cream Ridge, to Philadelphia. Not to mention all the local work I have coming up!

Get the sugar free red bull ready (and sometimes throw in a splash of vodka), it’s going to be a great year!

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Ocean County NJ Maternity Photographer – Tips on Tuesday


Maternity photography has become very popular over the last few years. It is such an amazing and unique time and a couple’s life. It is so much more than just another set of photos to have or use as your face book profile photo. Maternity photos are about showing the excitement, anticipation, and the love you have for the child that is about to change your life for the better. They are about documenting the changes in a woman’s body and celebrating what will soon be.

Before I go into tips for your maternity session, I want to take a moment and talk about 2 other sides of maternity photos that don’t get much attention. The first is single mothers. I have worked with several single mothers in the past, and the same concern is always brought up. Things like “Is it weird that it is just me?”. Or “Can we still do photos with only one person?”. HECK YES is my answer. Simply because a woman is going through the experience of childbirth and pregnancy with her friends and family by her side (sans the child’s father) does not mean that she should lose out on this beautiful experience. This is about you being strong, showing love, and sharing the joy that is growing in your tummy!

The second is about expecting adopting parents. A child can be grown in the heart, and not the stomach. I strongly feel that families in the process of adoption should get to document their love, excitement, and anticipation the same way as everyone else. Some couples are not given the opportunity to have children on their own. There is no reason that they should not experience everything other parents do. Adoptive parents, be it a husband and wife or same sex couple, go through the same series of emotions: worry, fear, happiness, confusion, joy and so on with a whole different layer of complexity layered on top of it. I am happy to say that I am offering “Waiting For You” sessions. They are a creative take on maternity sessions. All parents deserve to ability to document their love for what will soon be.

Here are my top five tips on maternity portraits.

For pregnant women, I usually suggest you have photos done at about the 7 month mark. By that point you have a great belly but are still able to be comfortable. Well, kind of comfortable! For adoptive parents, each case is different. You may want to them early in the process, once you have been matched with a birth mother, or when the timing just “feels” right.

Dress comfortably and pick a few outfit changes. You don’t have to coordinate with pink or blues depending on the sex of the baby. You should feel confident and beautiful. Pick something that will give you the ability to highlight your belly. Bring options to change into. A simple google search lead me to these ideas:

Ocean COunty Maternity Photographer
Jersey Shore Maternity Photography

Pick a location with a few key things: access to bathroom (we all know you ladies pee a lot and can’t change in the car too easily) a few different spots to sit (getting up and down off the ground for photos isn’t easy at this point) and beautiful, soft natural light. Pregnancy is a beautiful, natural thing; your photos should reflect that. Avoid direct sunlight; a place with some shade is best. Your photographer can help you with this.

Props. Think long and hard about what props you want! Consult your photographer about the over all feel you want. (ps- if you need some ideas just wait and see what LFP has to offer this spring and summer!) Think outside the box. Bring things that were part of your childhood, custom made name signs, baby shoes, military ID tags, I can go on and on. But if I go on and on, I will ruin some of the surprise I have in store for my clients! Walk around your home, or better yet your grandparent’s home, and find ways to incorporate things from your family’s history.

This last one is a sensitive topic, but I am going to talk about it anyway. Weight. Yup, I said it. I am no skinny minny myself, so I understand the concerns and self conscious issues women have. I can’t tell you the number of emails I get saying women want maternity photos that don’t make them look “fat”. I want to take the time to say this: you are beautiful. You are growing a person inside of you. Be joyous. Be happy. Be excited. Feel love. Feel strength. Feel empowered. It is a fact, we all know it, women who are pregnant gain weight. Please take some time to breathe and enjoy the experience of having your photos done. You are who you are; your shape is your shape. Being relaxed and accepting will make your photos come across ten times more beautiful. There is no photo shop for self confidence. I know that it’s easier said then done. I get it. But 25 years from now, when you look back at your maternity photos the night before your son’s wedding, I promise you, the joy on your face and the love in your belly will be the only thing you care about.

Here is just a quick LFP photo of my dear friend Aimee, how cute is she?!

South Jersey Maternity Pictures
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I have decided to offer 4 free hours of wedding coverage to a deserving couple!

Start spreading the word to those you know who are recently engaged or planning a wedding!

You can enter yourself or a deserving couple between now and midnight on February 20th. Tell me why you think they/you deserve free wedding coverage! It can be their life story, how they met, a current struggle they are going through, something positive they have done for you or your community; whatever you feel makes them deserving of this gift!

I will pick five of entries, and the finalists Facebook profile photos will go in a special folder on LFP’s Facebook called “love giveaway”. The couple’s family and friends will have until March 7th to simply like your photo to show support, or comment underneath your photo telling me why they think you should win.

On March 8th I will decide who the winner is based on your story and the level of support you receive.

This lucky couple will win 4 free hours of wedding coverage!

Small print: Travel costs and second shooter costs may still apply if necessary. Additional hours of coverage can be purchased from LFP, pricing will be dependent on several different things, contact LFP after winning for more details. Wedding must be in New Jersey or close surrounding area. This contest is for new clients only, not contracted clients. LFP has the right to revoke this contest or add additional contestants as needed. If LFP is booked for the winners wedding date, the winning couple will receive a free engagement session in the place of wedding coverage. This contest is in no way associated with Facebook or any other party other than LFP, and final contestants will have to sign a very simple contract saying they understand all of this.

For those of you planning your weddings, here is a website with all kinds of reception locations!

I don’t always post a lot of the weddings photos I take, because often people prefer to keep them private. But here are three quick photos from my two of my nearest-and-dearest friend’s wedding in October at the Brant Beach Yacht Club on LBI. I wasn’t their official photographer.. you can’t be an awesome best friend that drinks, parties, and dances AND be a photographer. But I brought my camera around to snap a few through out the day.



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